About IBEI and Barcelona


The Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) was set up in February 2004 with the goal of becoming a leading European institution for advanced research and postgraduate training of future generations of professionals and experts dealing with international affairs of public concern. The Institute was formally established as a private foundation by the five public universities in the Greater Barcelona area, along with the CIDOB Foundation and five government institutions: the Generalitat, Catalonia’s regional government; Barcelona City Hall; the Diputació, Barcelona province’s government; the Mancomunitat, the association of Greater Barcelona municipalities; and Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. In the summer of 2004, IBEI was granted formal recognition as an inter-university research institute by the Generalitat’s Department of Universities, Research and Information Society.

The Institute has become, first and foremost, a centre for advanced research in international studies. IBEI’s core academic staff is made up of tenure-track professors and postdoctoral researchers, and also engages visiting professors and affiliated faculty members of the Barcelona universities that created the Institute. It organizes research activity within three interdisciplinary programmes, which respectively study the implications of globalization for the economy, for governance and for security.


The Barcelona metropolitan area has one of Europe’s most important university communities and one of Spain’s greatest concentrations of international students. Eight universities and a wide range of research centres and science parks provide a suitable setting for study and research.

The city combines this exceptional academic environment with an unbeatable quality of life. In comparison with other large European cities, the cost of living is relatively low. The city has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers, and its excellent location offers endless opportunities for leisure time, thanks to the magnificent beaches of the Catalan coast and the chance to ski, trek and climb in the Pyrenees, near the Catalan capital.